2023 Action Scorecards

Action Scorecards 2023

Question: How high is the councils' area wide annual recycling rate?

Question code
Waste Reduction & Food
Recycling Rate
National Data
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Three Tier Criteria
Criteria met if the council has a recycling rate of 50% or more.
Additional points awarded if the council has a recycling rate of 60% and further points awarded if the council has a recycling rate of 70% or more.


Marked using data provided by DEFRA, Stats Wales, SEPA and DAERA-NI

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0 points

14 county councils

1 point

7 county councils

2 points

0 county councils

3 points

0 county councils
Cambridgeshire County Council1/3letsrecycle.com
Devon County Council1/3letsrecycle.com
Gloucestershire County Council1/3letsrecycle.com
Hertfordshire County Council1/3letsrecycle.com
Oxfordshire County Council1/3letsrecycle.com
Surrey County Council1/3letsrecycle.com
West Sussex County Council1/3letsrecycle.com
Derbyshire County Council0/3
East Sussex County Council0/3
Essex County Council0/3
Hampshire County Council0/3
Kent County Council0/3
Lancashire County Council0/3
Leicestershire County Council0/3
Lincolnshire County Council0/3
Norfolk County Council0/3
Nottinghamshire County Council0/3
Staffordshire County Council0/3
Suffolk County Council0/3
Warwickshire County Council0/3
Worcestershire County Council0/3