2023 Action Scorecards

Action Scorecards 2023

Question: Has the council taken steps to support local food growing?

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Waste Reduction & Food
Local Food Growing
Volunteer Research
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Criteria met if the council has proactively created more space for local food growing through providing funding, land, staff or other resources to support:
- community orchards
- schools to have growing spaces
- community or city farms or gardens, including edible fruit/veg/herbs patches in public spaces such as parks, rooftops or grass verges.


Allotment space is not included in this question as it is a statutory requirement for councils to provide allotments.

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12 county councils

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9 county councils
Devon County Council1/1spanglefish.com
Essex County Council1/1essexlottery.co.uk
Hertfordshire County Council1/1cdaherts.org.uk
Kent County Council1/1reptonct.uk
Lancashire County Council1/1lancashire.gov.uk
Norfolk County Council1/1grapeshillcommunitygarden.org
Oxfordshire County Council1/1oxfordcityfarm.org.uk
Warwickshire County Council1/1warwickshire.gov.uk
Worcestershire County Council1/1worcestershire.gov.uk
Cambridgeshire County Council0/1
Derbyshire County Council0/1
East Sussex County Council0/1
Gloucestershire County Council0/1
Hampshire County Council0/1
Leicestershire County Council0/1
Lincolnshire County Council0/1
Nottinghamshire County Council0/1
Staffordshire County Council0/1
Suffolk County Council0/1
Surrey County Council0/1
West Sussex County Council0/1