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Action Scorecards 2023

Question: Does the council turn off or dim their street light network to reduce light pollution?

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Light Pollution
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Criteria met if any area of the local authority that has been deemed safe to do so has dimmed street lighting or part night lighting.


Part night lighting is where councils switch off street lights for part of the night in certain areas. Typically areas with increased risk, such as in the vicinity of pedestrian crossings or with higher nighttime use, will be exempted for safety reasons.
Dimming street lighting is where a council will dim street lights for some or all of the night in certain areas, with similar safety exemptions typically in place. LED lights are brighter for the same energy use so have a higher impact on insect populations unless dimmed. Smart dimming street lights, which are dimmer as standard but increase brightness when motion or sound is detected will also be included.

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Cambridgeshire County Council1/1cambridgeshire.gov.uk
Derbyshire County Council1/1democracy.derbyshire.gov.uk
Devon County Council1/1devon.gov.uk
East Sussex County Council1/1eastsussex.gov.uk
Essex County Council1/1essexhighways.org
Hampshire County Council1/1hants.gov.uk
Hertfordshire County Council1/1hertfordshire.gov.uk
Leicestershire County Council1/1leicestershire.gov.uk
Lincolnshire County Council1/1lincolnshire.gov.uk
Norfolk County Council1/1norfolk.gov.uk
Nottinghamshire County Council1/1nottinghamshire.gov.uk
Oxfordshire County Council1/1oxfordshire.gov.uk
Staffordshire County Council1/1staffordshire.gov.uk
Suffolk County Council1/1suffolk.gov.uk
Surrey County Council1/1surreycc.gov.uk
Warwickshire County Council1/1api.warwickshire.gov.uk
West Sussex County Council1/1www2.westsussex.gov.uk
Worcestershire County Council1/1worcestershire.gov.uk
Gloucestershire County Council0/1
Kent County Council0/1
Lancashire County Council0/1