2023 Action Scorecards

Action Scorecards 2023

Question: Does the council have a Cabinet member or Portfolio Holder that has climate change explicitly in their remit?

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Governance & Finance
Elected Climate Change portfolio holder
Volunteer Research
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Criteria met if the council has a role such as Chair of Environment Committee, Cabinet Member for Environment, Chair of Environment and Climate Change Scrutiny Committee or any title with the words Climate Change, Climate Action, Climate Emergency, Environmental Sustainability, Environment or similar in it.
This role can be merged with another role, such as Environment and Transport.


Councils are run by a cabinet or committee structure. A cabinet structure is where there is a council leader and cabinet members (all from the same governing party/parties) that make decisions on Council policy.
A committee structure is where councils are divided into politically balanced committees that make the decisions.

A Climate Champion (listed as a responsibility) is not valid for a point and neither is Chair or Cabinet member for Environmental Services.

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21 county councils
Cambridgeshire County Council1/1cambridgeshire.cmis.uk.com
Derbyshire County Council1/1
Devon County Council1/1democracy.devon.gov.uk
East Sussex County Council1/1democracy.eastsussex.gov.uk
Essex County Council1/1cmis.essex.gov.uk
Gloucestershire County Council1/1glostext.gloucestershire.gov.uk
Hampshire County Council1/1democracy.hants.gov.uk
Hertfordshire County Council1/1democracy.hertfordshire.gov.uk
Kent County Council1/1democracy.kent.gov.uk
Lancashire County Council1/1lancashireconservatives.org.uk
Leicestershire County Council1/1leicestershire.gov.uk
Lincolnshire County Council1/1lincolnshire.moderngov.co.uk
Norfolk County Council1/1norfolkcc.cmis.uk.com
Nottinghamshire County Council1/1nottinghamshire.gov.uk
Oxfordshire County Council1/1oxfordshire.gov.uk
Staffordshire County Council1/1moderngov.staffordshire.gov.uk
Suffolk County Council1/1suffolk.gov.uk
Surrey County Council1/1mycouncil.surreycc.gov.uk
Warwickshire County Council1/1democracy.warwickshire.gov.uk
West Sussex County Council1/1westsussex.moderngov.co.uk
Worcestershire County Council1/1worcestershire.gov.uk