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Action Scorecards 2023

Question: Has the council published a climate change risk register?

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Governance & Finance
Climate Change Risk Register
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Criteria met if the council has accurately identified the environmental risks of climate change to the local area, either in a stand alone climate change or adaptation risk register, or incorporated into the council's corporate risk register. There must be an explicit link between climate change and the increased risk of flooding or other weather events.

Adaptation plans are not valid, unless there is a risk register or equivalent within the adaptation plan.


Environmental risks of climate change in the local area include flooding, extreme heat, air pollution or other extreme weather events.

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14 county councils

1 point

7 county councils
Cambridgeshire County Council1/1cambridgeshire.cmis.uk.com
Derbyshire County Council1/1democracy.derbyshire.gov.uk
Devon County Council1/1climateresilient-dcios.org.uk
East Sussex County Council1/1democracy.eastsussex.gov.uk
Kent County Council1/1kent.gov.uk
Suffolk County Council1/1greensuffolk.org
West Sussex County Council1/1westsussex.moderngov.co.uk
Essex County Council0/1
Gloucestershire County Council0/1
Hampshire County Council0/1
Hertfordshire County Council0/1
Lancashire County Council0/1
Leicestershire County Council0/1
Lincolnshire County Council0/1
Norfolk County Council0/1
Nottinghamshire County Council0/1
Oxfordshire County Council0/1
Staffordshire County Council0/1
Surrey County Council0/1
Warwickshire County Council0/1
Worcestershire County Council0/1