2023 Action Scorecards

Action Scorecards 2023

Question: Does the combined authority's Corporate Plan include a net-zero target and make tackling the climate emergency one of its main priorities?

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Governance & Finance (CA)
Net-Zero Embedded in Corporate Plan
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Criteria met if climate action (alternatively called Sustainability or Environment) is listed as one of the combined authority's core priorities or equivalent. It must have its own heading or section and a net zero target date must be referenced.

The net-zero target date must be an area-wide target, either the UK Government's national target, the devolved nation's target or the combined authority's area-wide net zero target.


A corporate plan is a business planning document that sets out their future priorities and objectives to help ensure that the combined authority manages its resources effectively.

Points will not be awarded if the priority for climate action is part of another priority.

It might be called a (Strategic) Economic Plan.

We will accept other language for target dates being used such as carbon neutrality.

Question performance

0 points

6 Combined Authorities

1 point

5 Combined Authorities
Greater London Authority1/1london.gov.uk
Greater Manchester Combined Authority1/1aboutgreatermanchester.com
Liverpool City Region Combined Authority1/1liverpoolcityregion-ca.gov.uk
South Yorkshire Mayoral Combined Authority1/1southyorkshire-ca.gov.uk
West Yorkshire Combined Authority1/1westyorks-ca.gov.uk
Cambridgeshire and Peterborough Combined Authority0/1
North East Combined Authority0/1
North of Tyne Combined Authority0/1
Tees Valley Combined Authority0/1
West Midlands Combined Authority0/1
West of England Combined Authority0/1