2023 Action Scorecards

Action Scorecards 2023

Question: Is the council committed to making 20mph the standard speed limit for most restricted roads?

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Speed limits
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Criteria met if you are verified by 20's Plenty For Us as having 20mph as the default speed limit for restricted roads.

20's Plenty For Us looks for councils that have a policy for setting 20mph for most roads: residential and high street roads.

This will include local authorities that have not implemented a 20mph speed limit for restricted roads but have passed the policy, as it can take 2-3 years to fully implement due to replacing the road signs.


Restricted roads are roads that due to lighting frequency are usually 30mph as according to national speed limits.

Marked using 20's Plenty for Us list of Councils to have implemented a 20mph default.

Where a national government has introduced 20mph as the norm for restricted roads all councils within that nation will be awarded the point.

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18 county councils

1 point

3 county councils
Cambridgeshire County Council1/120splenty.org
Lancashire County Council1/120splenty.org
Oxfordshire County Council1/120splenty.org
Derbyshire County Council0/1
Devon County Council0/1
East Sussex County Council0/1
Essex County Council0/1
Gloucestershire County Council0/1
Hampshire County Council0/1
Hertfordshire County Council0/1
Kent County Council0/1
Leicestershire County Council0/1
Lincolnshire County Council0/1
Norfolk County Council0/1
Nottinghamshire County Council0/1
Staffordshire County Council0/1
Suffolk County Council0/1
Surrey County Council0/1
Warwickshire County Council0/1
West Sussex County Council0/1
Worcestershire County Council0/1