2023 Action Scorecards

Action Scorecards 2023

Question: Does the council have a staff member employed to work on retrofitting across the council area?

Question code
Buildings & Heating
Staff working on retrofit
Question weight


Criteria met if a staff member is employed to work on retrofitting for 3 or more days a week and is working on any retrofit projects, including council buildings, council homes or private rented or owned households.

Staff can be as a project manager or officer on 3 or more days a week. We would accept contractors as long as they are equivalent to 3 days or more a week (0.6 FTE).



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89 district councils

1 point

75 district councils
Babergh District Council1/1
Blaby District Council1/1whatdotheyknow.com
Boston Borough Council1/1whatdotheyknow.com
Braintree District Council1/1whatdotheyknow.com
Broadland District Council1/1whatdotheyknow.com
Broxtowe Borough Council1/1whatdotheyknow.com
Cambridge City Council1/1whatdotheyknow.com
Charnwood Borough Council1/1whatdotheyknow.com
Chelmsford City Council1/1whatdotheyknow.com
Chesterfield Borough Council1/1whatdotheyknow.com
Chorley Council1/1whatdotheyknow.com
City of Lincoln Council1/1whatdotheyknow.com
Colchester Borough Council1/1whatdotheyknow.com
Crawley Borough Council1/1whatdotheyknow.com
Dacorum Council1/1whatdotheyknow.com
Dartford Borough Council1/1whatdotheyknow.com
Derbyshire Dales District Council1/1whatdotheyknow.com
Dover District Council1/1whatdotheyknow.com
Eastbourne Borough Council1/1whatdotheyknow.com
East Cambridgeshire District Council1/1whatdotheyknow.com
Eastleigh Borough Council1/1whatdotheyknow.com
East Lindsey District Council1/1whatdotheyknow.com
East Suffolk Council1/1whatdotheyknow.com
Exeter City Council1/1whatdotheyknow.com
Fareham Borough Council1/1whatdotheyknow.com
Folkestone and Hythe District Council1/1whatdotheyknow.com
Gedling Borough Council1/1whatdotheyknow.com
Gloucester City Council1/1
Gravesham Borough Council1/1whatdotheyknow.com
Great Yarmouth Borough Council1/1whatdotheyknow.com
Hinckley and Bosworth Borough Council1/1whatdotheyknow.com
King's Lynn and West Norfolk Borough Council1/1whatdotheyknow.com
Lancaster City Council1/1whatdotheyknow.com
Lewes District Council1/1
Mid Suffolk District Council1/1
Newark and Sherwood District Council1/1
New Forest District Council1/1
North Kesteven District Council1/1whatdotheyknow.com
North Norfolk District Council1/1whatdotheyknow.com
North West Leicestershire District Council1/1
Oadby and Wigston Borough Council1/1whatdotheyknow.com
Rossendale Borough Council1/1whatdotheyknow.com
Rugby Borough Council1/1whatdotheyknow.com
Rushcliffe Borough Council1/1whatdotheyknow.com
South Derbyshire District Council1/1whatdotheyknow.com
South Hams District Council1/1whatdotheyknow.com
South Holland District Council1/1whatdotheyknow.com
South Kesteven District Council1/1whatdotheyknow.com
South Norfolk District Council1/1whatdotheyknow.com
South Oxfordshire District Council1/1southoxon.gov.uk
South Ribble Borough Council1/1whatdotheyknow.com
Spelthorne Borough Council1/1whatdotheyknow.com
Staffordshire Moorlands District Council1/1
St Albans City and District Council1/1whatdotheyknow.com
Stevenage Borough Council1/1whatdotheyknow.com
Stroud District Council1/1whatdotheyknow.com
Surrey Heath Borough Council1/1whatdotheyknow.com
Tandridge District Council1/1
Teignbridge District Council1/1whatdotheyknow.com
Thanet District Council1/1whatdotheyknow.com
Three Rivers District Council1/1whatdotheyknow.com
Tonbridge and Malling Borough Council1/1whatdotheyknow.com
Tunbridge Wells Borough Council1/1whatdotheyknow.com
Vale of White Horse District Council1/1democratic.whitehorsedc.gov.uk
Warwick District Council1/1whatdotheyknow.com
Watford Borough Council1/1whatdotheyknow.com
Waverley Borough Council1/1whatdotheyknow.com
Wealden District Council1/1whatdotheyknow.com
Welwyn Hatfield Council1/1whatdotheyknow.com
West Devon Borough Council1/1whatdotheyknow.com
West Suffolk Council1/1whatdotheyknow.com
Winchester City Council1/1whatdotheyknow.com
Woking Borough Council1/1whatdotheyknow.com
Wychavon District Council1/1actonenergy.org.uk
Wyre Forest District Council1/1whatdotheyknow.com
Adur District Council0/1
Amber Valley Borough Council0/1
Arun District Council0/1
Ashfield District Council0/1
Ashford Borough Council0/1
Basildon Borough Council0/1
Basingstoke and Deane Borough Council0/1
Bassetlaw District Council0/1
Bolsover District Council0/1
Borough of Broxbourne0/1
Breckland District Council0/1
Brentwood Borough Council0/1
Bromsgrove District Council0/1
Burnley Borough Council0/1
Cannock Chase District Council0/1
Canterbury City Council0/1
Castle Point Borough Council0/1
Cheltenham Borough Council0/1
Cherwell District Council0/1
Chichester District Council0/1
Cotswold District Council0/1
East Devon District Council0/1
East Hampshire District Council0/1
East Hertfordshire District Council0/1
East Staffordshire Borough Council0/1
Elmbridge Borough Council0/1
Epping Forest District Council0/1
Epsom and Ewell Borough Council0/1
Erewash Borough Council0/1
Fenland District Council0/1
Forest of Dean District Council0/1
Fylde Borough Council0/1
Gosport Borough Council0/1
Guildford Borough Council0/1
Harborough District Council0/1
Harlow Council0/1
Hart District Council0/1
Hastings Borough Council0/1
Havant Borough Council0/1
Hertsmere Borough Council0/1
High Peak Borough Council0/1
Horsham District Council0/1
Huntingdonshire District Council0/1
Hyndburn Borough Council0/1
Ipswich Borough Council0/1
Lichfield District Council0/1
Maidstone Borough Council0/1
Maldon District Council0/1
Malvern Hills District Council0/1
Mansfield District Council0/1
Melton Borough Council0/1
Mid Devon District Council0/1
Mid Sussex District Council0/1
Mole Valley District Council0/1
Newcastle-Under-Lyme District Council0/1
North Devon Council0/1
North East Derbyshire District Council0/1
North Hertfordshire District Council0/1
North Warwickshire Borough Council0/1
Norwich City Council0/1
Nuneaton and Bedworth Borough Council0/1
Oxford City Council0/1
Pendle Borough Council0/1
Preston City Council0/1
Redditch Borough Council0/1
Reigate & Banstead Borough Council0/1
Ribble Valley Borough Council0/1
Rochford District Council0/1
Rother District Council0/1
Runnymede Borough Council0/1
Rushmoor Borough Council0/1
Sevenoaks District Council0/1
South Cambridgeshire District Council0/1
South Staffordshire Council0/1
Stafford Borough Council0/1
Stratford-on-Avon District Council0/1
Swale Borough Council0/1
Tamworth Borough Council0/1
Tendring District Council0/1
Test Valley Borough Council0/1
Tewkesbury Borough Council0/1
Torridge District Council0/1
Uttlesford District Council0/1
West Lancashire Borough Council0/1
West Lindsey District Council0/1
West Oxfordshire District Council0/1
Worcester City Council0/1
Worthing Borough Council0/1
Wyre Council0/1