2023 Action Scorecards

Action Scorecards 2023

Question: Has the combined authority had a significant number of people completing adult education courses or training in the last three academic years that they funded and advertised as skills for Green jobs?

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Buildings & Heating & Green Skills (CA)
Green Skills Training
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This question is asking how many people have been trained on the courses funded and advertised by the combined authority as Green skills/jobs in the last three academic years.

Criteria met if the combined authority has trained more than 1,000 people in green skills through adult education courses in the last academic year.

This includes courses related to retrofitting, the building of or maintaining of residential homes or commercial buildings as well as other Green Skills, such as in relation to Electric Vehicles, Digital Skills, Education, Biodiversity and Conservation management and others.

Any accredited course is valid for a point. There is no minimum length of the course required to be valid for the point.
Courses that are part of a Skills Bootcamp are valid. This question is not limited to Skills Bootcamps courses only, other courses are valid.


This is the total number of people who have completed green skills training courses in the last academic year.

Green Jobs and Greens Skills are ones that contribute to preserving or restoring the environment. They have a focus on either reducing carbon emissions, mproving energy and raw materials efficiency, protecting and restoring nature, minimising waste and pollution, adapting to the effects of climate change or making similar environmental improvements.
Green Jobs and Skills can be in traditional sectors such as manufacturing and construction, or in new, emerging green sectors such as renewable energy and energy efficiency. Sustainability managers in businesses, green transport officers and thermal heating specialists are all examples of green jobs.
Definitions from International Labour Organisation and Friends of the Earth.

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6 Combined Authorities

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5 Combined Authorities
Greater London Authority1/1whatdotheyknow.com
Greater Manchester Combined Authority1/1whatdotheyknow.com
Liverpool City Region Combined Authority1/1whatdotheyknow.com
South Yorkshire Mayoral Combined Authority1/1whatdotheyknow.com
West Midlands Combined Authority1/1whatdotheyknow.com
Cambridgeshire and Peterborough Combined Authority0/1
North East Combined Authority0/1
North of Tyne Combined Authority0/1
Tees Valley Combined Authority0/1
West of England Combined Authority0/1
West Yorkshire Combined Authority0/1